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13 Jun

 Participation of the company at the TRADITIONAL INTERNATIONAL NUCLEAR CONFERENCE on 7 - 9 June 2017 at the Riviera Holiday Club, Varna.

the themes of the conference from the conference participants were:

1. Bulgaria's nuclear sector is still in unenviable position, expressed not only as the lack of clear policy and perspective for its development but also the lack of clear personnel policy at government level.
2. Unfortunately, significant development trends in the energy sector of global, regional and national scale have not been taken into account at government level, which sets the need for rapid change in the attitude to the nuclear sector. Globally these trends are mainly related to the big challenge of global warming and climate change. On regional level there is the need for long-term vision for stability and foreseeability of the energy supply provision at adequate price levels. In national plan, while supporting the right of every country to choose whether to include its nuclear energy in its energy mix, a significant fact should be considered, i.e. that the construction of nuclear power plants is not only related to the assurance of energy supply but also to the development of the national economy in its integrity – Bulgaria may serve as an example in this respect.
3. There is sufficient evidence on global level that the countries who are seriously committed to the development of nuclear power sector find economically and technically feasible solutions for projects related to the construction of new nuclear power plants. Practically, if problems exist, they are related to the absence of clearly expressed political will.
4. The program documents of several successive Bulgarian governments, mentioned nuclear energy sector in specific document items and the main point was: construction of a new nuclear plant of 2000 MW. In fact these plans have not been carried out so far. On national level the delay in making strategic decisions in support of the development of the nuclear energy sector has led to extremely unfavourable consequences for the country which are seen in the following main aspects:
- Bulgaria continues to lose its human potential and knowledge, acquired over almost 50 years;
- the future, when Bulgaria, now an electricity exporter, will turn into an electricity importer is not far away, especially considering the obsolete power generation plants and the strict environment preservation requirements;
- the consequences of such attitude to nuclear energy, however, go far beyond import-export legal relations, and are directly related to the development of the national economy as a whole - significant and actual possibilities for economic growth and provision of employment are being missed at national level;
- due to the indecisiveness in making the respective decisions, in addition to losing its economic position, Bulgaria has complicated its relations with its long-term partners in the field of nuclear energy, and the stake for this are consequences costing billions of euros. Such approach by the Bulgarian country has a direct impact on investor decisions when directing their capital.
Considering the above, the conference participants believe that nuclear energy currently has no power generation alternative globally and particularly in Bulgaria. At the same time they confirm their understanding that the nuclear power sector is among the most perspective ways of overcoming the above challenges.
Therefore the conference participants address the Bulgarian government institutions with a suggestion to consider all available facts related to the important role of nuclear energy on national, regional and global level and make respective decisions supporting its development, as quickly as possible.
The time for experiments and indecisiveness is now over. Any delay in making specific decisions for the future of nuclear energy will lead to its final termination with all the consequences to Bulgaria's fragile industry and to all individual power consumers in our country.