Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a protection that no one should be without. With the exorbitant cost of health care, even minor health care needs can carry a breathtaking price tag. Today, many citizens have health care coverage through their employer group plan. However, there are a substantial number of individuals who are self-employed, or do not have health benefits through their employer. Additionally, as the likelihood of health care needs rise, aging  citizens should be aware of the situations in which governmental health insurance programs will not cover various health needs. All of these situations can result in an individual lacking proper protection against health care risks.

For under insured, or uninsured individuals, ignoring the need for health insurance puts themselves and their family members at great risk, both financially and healthfully. With uncovered health care costs being one of the leading causes of bankruptcy, this risk should not be ignored. At ELIA International Consulting Services, our licensed health insurance agents are equipped to assist companies in establishing a group plan to cover the health care needs of its employees. Additionally, our licensed agents assist individuals in properly protecting themselves and their family against health care costs through various individual coverages.