Estimates of Real Estate & Mechanical Equipment

An appraiser can be offered to anyone who is interested in or planning a transaction involving land and buildings. For example, the valuer may be required to advise a seller on the asking price for his property, a potential tenant in terms of the annual rent he will have to pay, a borrower for the amount of the insurance and the loan May also require someone who has been harmed by extraneous factors (force majeure, expropriations, etc.) in respect of the compensation he can claim.

The basic services of a company with expertise in the field of valuation:

  • Several specific estimation techniques refer to different properties
  • Legal and planning factors
  • Relief in the real estate market
  • Land ownership heterogeneity and benefits that may arise.

The objective of the valuer is to estimate the market value, ie the total amount or annual rent, which in a given time, under specific conditions and conditions and according to legislation, should be sought or paid for a particular interest in a property.