Bank Formation

The Bank formation process includes the following steps:

  1. Analysis of the special requirements for the bank set up
    • establishment of the legal requirements (banking licence, taxes)
    • support at the contact with public authorities
    • analysis of the necessary collaboration-models (processes) within the new bank
    • interviews with all involved business units concerning the functional requirements of a IT-banksystem
    • creation of a requirement catalogue with a benchmark of importance
  2. Assessment and choosing of a bank system
    • choosingthe potential target systems
    • reviewing of the target systems in cooperation with the business units
    • establishment of the complete score and the decisions documents
  3. Set up of the new bank
    • support at the contact with public authorities (taxing authorities etc.)
    • definition, documentation and set up of the collaboration model (processes)
    • implementation of the IT-system
    • creation of the essential data (customer data, business data, etc.)
    • definition, development, and implementation of interfaces
    • training of employees
    • testing the new software incl. interfaces
    • day one management