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Offshore Bank Formation

Elia International Consulting Services is specialised in establishing investment banks and capital trusts for customers throughout the world. We would like to enlighten you about the services we provide. Our investments banks and real estate trusts are fully licensed to collect money from the general public and invest it in various types of businesses for your account or for the account of third parties. The investment bank is perfect for capital raising, purchase and management of real estate of all kinds.

You may use this service to open bank accounts, conduct your transactions as a Private Trust and Investment Bank, operate as a commercial investment bank, financing bank or fiduciary asset management active for your customers. You may establish branches and correspondence bank accounts everywhere across the world.

The Investment Bank & Real Estate Trusts is further eligible to issue and receive financial instruments such as bonds, etc. The Capital Trust can take advantage from the banks’ facilities to engage in commodities, instrument, equity and fixed income trading with no restriction. Shares of all the listed companies are issued and transferred in bearer form (anonymous shares). The Investment Bank & Real Estate Trust has existing registered offices in the respective state of its domicile; further representation is possible to be established in Geneva, Switzerland or Amsterdam, The Netherlands to further "passport" through the European Union.

These kinds of Investment Banks and Real Estate Trusts are 100% tax-free and allow you to do the following:

1) Deposit taking - YES, UNLIMITED WORLDWIDE

2) Corresponding banks – YES

3) Issue and trade traceable securities such as MTN's Stocks, Bonds, and other securities – YES

4) Asset management – YES

5) Factor invoices and fund purchase orders and trade finance – YES

Other benefits:

  • The power to loan and borrow money
  • The power to issue SKR's & Promissory Notes
  • The power to engage in MTN's transactions
  • The power to issue and trade LC's with international banking institutions
  • The power to open and maintain bank accounts, including trust, escrow, commercial, merchant accounts with any bank worldwide, including US based institutions, and many more benefits.