Asset & Property Management

Successful management of real estate assets require continuous checking of the potential of these properties to earn higher returns and offers a structure approach considering all the factors that accompanies investing in real estate.

Through our investment advisory and our property management divisions we offer an integrated asset management solution. By combining the latest research, fund management and portfolio advisory services we can contribute to the growth of assets within any fund or portfolio. Property management strategies help real estate owners reduce their operating costs and enhance property values while maintaining a superior work environment for tenants. Our expertise in tenant representation, technical services, security, energy management and sustainability practices helps you provide tenants a long term occupation. We ensure property assets are organised and structured efficiently and operating at their optimum level so that the maximum long term value of the assets is achieved. Our approach is to provide insights into the latest market movements and apply forecasting models to estimate areas of growth and investment. The asset management division combines the necessary skills and competencies to ensure the management of funds and assets. A carefully maintained and managed property ensures that the goal of the real estate investment, to maximize cash flow during the ownership period and then to sell the asset for the highest net proceeds, will be achieved.

Our services cover:

Formalising strategic proposals regarding the Company’s assets - Current Market Valuation - Property and Financial Strategy Plan - Regular risk and exposure analysis at the property - Conducting feasibility studies to appraise potential upgrades - Pre-opening Setup - Post-opening Management - Property Administration and Financial Services