Capital Markets Transactions

Out team coordinates the sale or purchase of assets.

On the selling side we deliver a targeted and coordinated marketing effort to produce strong interest from highly qualified buyers. Additionally, for those properties facing leasing challenges, we  develop a leasing plan that best maximizes saleable value. On the real estate acquisition side, we represent buyers at all stages of the process, from advice on selection and location to opportunity sourcing and due diligence. We are acting for a range of clients including private clients, pension funds, family trusts, financial institutions and corporate clients. We leverage our resources to deliver solutions that surpass your expectations. With our entrepreneurial attitude we uncover creative opportunities to ensure your maximum value, benefit, and return on investment.

·         We provide customised reports and solutions in the following areas :

·         Screening analysis on local and regional trends, demographics and new developments to support a property investment decision

·         Cash flow and financial analyses

·         Market supply, demand and competion analysis

·         Marketing and pre-leasing strategy

·         Opportunity sourcing

·         Drafting of information memorandum

·         Controlled offering process

·         Due diligence

·         Feasibility studies

·         Valuation and research skills

·         Negotiation and Closure