Land Management & Planning

Planning and Development Tips

Our concern is to advice to our client to take into account large local or supra-local proposals. We can also advise investors and companies about the location of a development.

Construction Advice

Eliacs can offer your company advice on construction issues in collaboration with experienced construction experts. We provide services related to development models and planning, property preservation and reconstructions-restorations of old buildings.

Project management

Project management is a professional service in which a construction project is managed on behalf of a client. The management of a project includes, among other things, the ability to stimulate and coordinate different personalities and circumstances in order to fulfill predetermined goals.

Project Management services are expanded into Programming, Counting Quantities and Planning, always with the help of skilled professionals.


We help our clients with comprehensive advice on acquiring or disposing of real estate .Our first priority Is the most tailor made investmnent  success for them .Our team recognizes investment opportunities and also evaluates and manages real estate companies to increase value, maintain liquidity and increase the efficiency of our clients' property.