Mediation & Negotiation of Purchases and Rentals

We give our clients the secure of the best choice on issues related to offices, shops, stadiums, hotels and residences.

Real Estate and Market Research.

Our team collects assets and can advice our clients properly for all the market research. We can also offer our customers the recognition and research of competitive plans. Still, we can provide our customers with statistics on the demand trend of a particular site and advise them accordingly.


The company's methodology includes:



Inform potential buyers about the availability of these properties.

Massive mission

Details of properties are being promoted to potential buyers and real estate agents.


Brief information on properties is published in selected forms.

Information Package / Brochures

It includes shots, photos and a brief analysis of the property being distributed to potential buyers.



Collaboration with real estate agencies to identify the right choices from their list / files.

«Knock on doors»

Visits and research in the affected areas to identify the right choices.


Description of properties in selected newspapers.